Tribal Bananas Scarf

Tribal Bananas Scarf


Tribal Bananas Wool Silk  Scarf

The JUMA duo has spent a lot of time in Africa. African tribal themes are very prevalent in their designs as the duo are heavily inspired by the region.Whilst the duo was living in Kinshasa they would visit the local fruit markets, in these fruit markets they would be bombarded with vibrant colors of fruits, they would visit stalls where the fruit sellers adorned colorful fabrics and intricately printed sarongs. Outside of each stall would sit a woman carrying fruit in beautifully weaved baskets upon her head, selling fresh mangos, bananas, papayas and much more. This specific Tribal Bananas print is influenced by the duo’s time spent at the local vibrant African fruit markets.



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70% wool 30% silk 100cmX200cm