Night Hawks Scarf

Night Hawks Scarf


70% wool, 30% silk, size:100cmx200cm

70% 羊毛, 30%蚕丝 , 尺寸:100cmx200cm

Night Hawks:

This Night Hawks design is inspired by Alia JUMA’s various winged tattoos. Alia’s obsession with wings springs from her nomadic spirit. Being able to “spread your wings and fly” is what inspired the duo to create travel inspired prints.


夜鹰设计是被Alia Juma众多的翅膀造型的刺青所引发的。Alia对翅膀图案的痴迷是来自她流浪的灵魂。能够“展翅飞翔”是引发兄妹创造旅行印花的灵感。

hand wash or delicate wash in cold water, lay flat to dry


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70% wool 30% silk 100cmX200cm