Rain Forest Scarf

Rain Forest Scarf


70% wool, 30% silk, size:100cmx200cm

70% 羊毛, 30%蚕丝 , 尺寸:100cmx200cm

hand wash or delicate wash in cold water, lay flat to dry





The JUMA duo was born in North America, their family for four generations hails from Africa. Mrs. JUMA the mother of the duo, would often tell them stories of her childhood spent in Africa, traipsing through the streets, where at that time animals ran wild and free. She would recall stories of times spent traversing rainforests with her brother taking in the vast nature. They would lie in the lush greenery disappearing from the world but always keeping one eye out for harmful serpents and poisonous creatures. Mrs. JUMA would show the duo old photos of her and her family on safari riding the backs of jeeps feeding animals along the way. These wonderful stories are what inspired this Rainforest print.



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70% wool 30% silk 100cmX200cm