Poncho Print Scarf

Poncho Print Scarf


Poncho Print Wool Silk  Scarf

Alia JUMA was born in Santa Ana California, a city close to Mexico. The JUMA family would often vacation in Mexico, enjoying the heat and beaches as well as discovering old ruins. They would spend a lot of time in the markets watching the locals weave stunning patterns into thick cotton and wool blankets. This particular print takes inspiration from the traditional ponchos created by the locals and fused with more modern colors.


Aila JUMA出生在圣安娜加利福尼亚州,接近墨西哥。JUMA家庭经常会在墨西哥度假,享受着热和海滩,发现古老的遗迹。他们会花很多时间看当地市场惊人的编织图案,编成厚厚的棉和羊毛毯子。这种特殊的印花结合了当地传统披风和当代多彩颜色。


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70% wool 30% silk 100cmX200cm