Butterfly Cashmere Poncho

Butterfly Cashmere Poncho


Butterfly Cashmere Ultra Soft Poncho

This Butterfly print is inspired by a tattoo that designer Alia JUMA has on her arm. Her and her father decided to get matching tattoos, they chose the butterfly because they wanted something beautiful that would symbolize their nomadic spirit. 


 这个蝴蝶印花来源于设计师Alia JUMA手臂上一个蝴蝶刺青所感发的。她和他的父亲决定纹一对匹配刺青,他们选择了蝴蝶,他们想要个美丽的代表他们牧游精神的象征。


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100% Cashmere

One Size Fits All

78cm X 78cm