Bombay Tapestry Square Pillow

Bombay Tapestry Square Pillow


Bombay Tapestry Sateen Poly Pillow

The JUMA duo often travel to India, this is where they make theirwool silk woven printed scarves. Jamil JUMA has traveled to many cities in India, Delhi, Mumbai and Jaipur. Upon his trips to India he likes to photograph the ornate architecture, he visits old temples, mosques and palaces where he snaps amazing photos of the intricately designed patterns and textures from ancient art and textiles. This Tapestry Bombay Print is derived from an  interior pillar of a temple visited in Mumbai.


 JUMA两人经常前往印度,这里是他们制作羊毛丝绸印花围巾的地方。Jamil Juma造访印度的很多城市,新德里,孟买和斋普尔。在他旅行的时候,他喜欢拍摄华丽的建筑,他造访过老寺庙,清真寺和宫殿,他拍摄惊人的复杂设计的古代艺术和质地。这个孟买挂毯印花灵感来源于孟买寺庙的支柱。


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