jamil & alia juma

Brother and sister, Jamil and Alia Juma's lifelong experiences across four continents are embedded in their casually sophisticated collection. Since 2003, they have been creating contemporary clothing, accessories and soft furnishings as part of their collection.

Starting in 2019, they have taken a step back to rethink how to address the needs of their customers as well as society as a whole and have come up with a new approach to fashion and design. They have relaunched their line as JUMA by Alia Juma with a focus on using only fabrics made from recycled water bottles as well as offering clients other sustainable fabrics.

The designers look forward to their new initiative that will give more meaning to their collections and to their purpose in design.


Alia Juma attended George Brown College and worked as an assistant designer at various design houses. A graduate with a degree in Biosystems Engineering from McGill University, Jamil worked as an investment strategist before entering the fashion industry. Both Alia and Jamil are well traveled and have lived in exotic locales such as Kenya, Congo and Kazakhstan as well as all over North America including Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York and Atlanta.

JUMA has participated in New York Fashion Week, Toronto Fashion Week, Shanghai Fashion Week and Singapore Fashion week in the past. Their collections were well received earning press and editorials from Elle US, Vogue Italy, Harpers Bazaar Singapore, Instyle Magazine, Paper Magazine, BOF and many others. Their clothing and accessories have been worn by musicians and actors such as Alicia Keys, Nikki Minaj, Coco Rocha, Solange, Knowles, Rachel McAdams and several others.