Unisex Mint Turkish Tile Socks

Unisex Mint Turkish Tile Socks


Cotton Poly Spandex Digitally Printed Socks

The JUMA duos mother spent a lot of time vacationing in Turkey, she loved to search through Turkish markets taking in all the ornately designed ceramics, hand woven silk carpets and jewels. The duo’s mum also loved absorbing the opulent architecture of the Islamic Mosques. She would spend hours walking through the Mosques interiors snapping photographs of the tiled ceilings and the intricately decorated walls. She would remove her shoes and slowly walk across the silk carpeting taking in the feel of the soft fibers staring into the hand woven designs. This tiles print is inspired by photos taken by The JUMA duo’s mother, during her trips to Turkey.




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-hand wash or delicate wash in cold water, lay flat
to dry

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