Unisex African Caftan Socks

Unisex African Caftan Socks


Cotton Poly Spandex Digitally Printed Socks

The JUMA duos family are four generations from Kenya Africa, while the duo were born in North America, they used to spend a lot of time traveling to Africa with their family. They would visits uncles and aunties who still reside in this lush and beautiful country. There was always one aunt that stood out in particular, everyday she would adorn flowing printed African caftans. Each caftan was different from the other in color and print, she had bright oranges, deep olives, sunshine yellows, maroons, kente style cloth and batiks. This African Caftan print is inspired by thecaftans the duo’s aunt would wear daily.




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-hand wash or delicate wash in cold water, lay flat
to dry

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