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October 22, 2014 - See exceptional fashion, art and antiques from around the globe in a creative pop-up shop this November at the Four Seasons Hotel Beijing.  

2014年1022 北京四季酒店的快闪潮店,将展出独一无二的时尚作品,艺术品和来自世界各地的古董陈列,给你一个不一样的十一月。

New York-based JUMA launches its new collection, 'Journey by JUMA', in the hotel with a dynamic, multi-colored pop-up from November 3 till 26. This brand new travel-inspired collection of tribal printed accessories will be showcased alongside the JUMA’s ready to wear collection and home line in the lobby of the Four Seasons hotel together with fine 18th century French antiques and art from four corners of the globe curated by the Opulent House.

总部位于纽约的JUMA(竺玛)推出其新系列“竺玛之旅”,从113日至26日,将在四季酒店有一个动态的且多彩的快闪潮店。这一全新的旅行为灵感的部落印花配饰系列将随来自于Opulent House18世纪精致的古董和艺术品一起展出在酒店的大堂正厅。

This pop-up is the culmination of a year of collaboration between JUMA and the Four Seasons Hotel Beijing that has seen the fashion brand's deep archive of prints suffuse the hotel's restaurants like Opus Lounge and Mio with a full range of home accessories and stylish outfits for staff. Inspiration for the prints and silhouettes of this collaboration and Journey range from the Masai tribes of Kenya, to Kazakh horseman, to the spirit of the super-modern fashionists of Beijing and Shanghai. The collaboration was further extended into developing and enhancing the hotel  spa.


With its deep appreciation for luxury and travel as well as strong affiliation with fashion, culture and arts, the Four Seasons Hotel Beijing is the perfect partner for JUMA in this ongoing collaboration. After launching their collection for the last ten seasons in New York City, usually at Fashion Week, the ‘Journey by JUMA’ collection marks JUMA’s first-ever China launch, and the fashion brand’s new shop in Four Seasons Hotel Beijing’s 6th floor spa is JUMA’s first permanent, standalone retail space in China.  






Brother and sister Jamil and Alia Juma's lifelong experiences across four continents are embedded in their casually sophisticated collection, including playful and distorted signature prints which incorporate
culturally-based drawings and photographs. 

兄妹俩JamilAlia 用他们横跨四大洲的经历创造了JUMA  休闲又有深度的系列印花时装,包括俏皮和多变的标志性印花以及照片与手绘的美妙结合。

The JUMA collection is carried in coveted retailers such as Harvey Nichols Hong Kong, Ron Herman Los Angeles, Aishti Dubai, Calypso New York and Another Edition Tokyo. The company will also be launching flagship stores in China. The label has been worn by Nicki Minaj, Coca Rocha, Solange Knowles, Rachel Bilson, Rachel McAdams as well as Wu Mochou.

JUMA系列在香港的Harvey Nichols,洛杉矶的Ron Herman 迪拜的Aishti 纽约的Calypso以及日本东京都有出售。JUMA 公司也将在中国大陆迅速开业旗舰店。Nicki Minaj, Coca Rocha, Solange Knowles, Rachel Bilson, Rachel McAdams 以及吴莫愁都曾倾慕并在公开场合身着JUMA


Four Seasons Hotel Beijing


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